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Braking graveyard dirt curse prayer

Posted by william on February 12, 2019 at 6:25 PM
May God Rebuke the unholy Sabbath during Sabbath night or day(�?�) keeping the black witch away may God destroy the Root's of evil, braking Graveyard dirt curse by enemy, Cursed dirt, braking the black magic spell's(�?�) May Jesus Christ Cast them away(�?�)may the lord God destroy the devil's tree's bringing the devil's to thier knee's(�?�) destroyen the beastly tree's(�?�)may God defend us against the Wicked Ways of the witch during Witching hour during all Hollows eve keeping the Sabbath night and day Holy(�?�) seven day's a week(�?�) keeping us safe from Harm(�?�)I ask the Good Lord God to Rebuke Black Witch Curses, Black Magic Spell's by the Satanist, may the lord Jesus Christ brake Graveyard Dirt Cursed spell's from the Sinners Graves,bless those who Curse us(�?�) bless our enemy's defend us against Cursed dirt of the dead,The Grave ,bless us keep us safe from being Harmed by the Devil's Charm's, defend us against the Ruin of Soul's The mind Machine of the Damned, our lord, our King, lord Jesus Christ(�?�)lord Have mercy on our Soul's, lord God in Heaven Jehovah our Father Defend us against The Fallen archangel who prowl about the earth Corrupting Soul's,Defend us in the days and nights of Battle against The Wickedness intention's of the Devil the defeated foe may God Humbly Rebuke the devil's Snares of Trapping Soul's,Cast away the anarchist, Cast death away, Go away Reaper(�?�) in the name of Jesus Christ Go away(�?�) never Return by The Grace of God(�?�)may God Rebuke the Temptation's and Snares of the devil defending us against the enemy of our Soul's our flesh our body mind and spirit's,defend us against the evil eye of the witch and the Sorcerer of dark magic may God Blind and bind the devil's eyes Returning evil back to it's Sender by the blood of Christ may the lord Rebuke the antichrist in the Holy name of Jesus Christ HALLELUJAH(�?�) Prayer Written by B.D.E(�?�) Holy Disciple 66(�?�) Warrior Disciple of Christ(�?�)

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