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Brother Disciples

Posted by william on February 15, 2019 at 6:40 PM
Disciple's are The Rock of ages, Jesus say's I make this Rock my church not even Hell can over come it, The one true church of God is comprised of various individual Disciple's from every walk of life, who live in a multitude of place's stretching from one end of the earth to the other. Each of these individual Disciple's is a part of the body of Christ, and the very Spirit of Jesus Christ resides in their heart's. Warrior Disciples of Christ, Defenders of Christ(�?�) I Strongly Recommend , Warrior Disciple's of Christ from every Nation under God to Come together with Knowledge of the Better instructions before leaving earth(�?�) Keeping The Sabbath Holy(�?�) being truly armored by God(�?�) to bleed the beast to slay the beast, Be warned you must face the beast to destroy the beast to truly get peace(�?�) the devil's tree's they do not talk, they Just Stand and stare beware for thier stare is a Snare trying to Capture your Soul, beware or be Snared by the devil, We brother Disciple's of Christ who are Gifted with discernment to Judge The Good and bad Spirit's in the World who have actually been visited by Jesus Christ we wear The full armor of God, chosen by Christ as I Have been Chosen to Help The Good lord Jesus to Battle The beast I am Holy Disciple 66 B.D.E

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